Lucy Sherston

Stroud / Brighton

Working as an artist and illustrator Lucy creates images that hopefully make you smile. Interested in how forms fit together her work takes the shape of 2d prints, fabric wall hangings and paintings on wood.

What qualities do you find in layering imagery?

How I build up an image is all to do with layering, and once I’ve started to complete this process I find it easier to then strip back pieces of the layers to reveal other things.

Are your compositions pre-determined or is there an element of freedom with them?

A mixture of both, I’ll generally do some thumbnails and have an idea of layout in my head but that can and generally does change really quickly through collaging bits together in photoshop. 

How has your print practice influenced your drawing?

I think the screen print process in particular has massively influenced how I create images. When thinking of an image I’m deconstructing it in layers in my head.

How do you balance analogue and digital elements in your work?

I create the basis of every image by hand usually – whether that’s elements of line work or textures and then use photoshop almost as the glue for piecing things together and altering colours.