Exploration platform
for conceptually-minded
Visual Communicators.

IN ONE ROOM is  a co-operative platform for genuine design learnings + ideas exhange through a series of exhibiting projects - hosting a network of conversation, community and process into shared physical spaces.

The projects seek to slow down design processes and re-evaluate the importance of play, exploration and expanded thought, as well as elevating design practices into an arena of expression and critical value.

We’re interested in the boundaries of disciplines, the cross-section of concept and communication and understanding the role of ‘practice’. 

Facilitated + Art Direction by Nick Booton

With support from;


Current values for IOR3.

Bring a network of conversation, community and process into a shared physical space.

Present the artistic merit of visual communication.

Celebrate the concept. Decide what values are artistic and what are communicative. Represent the deep motivations of each artist.

Focus all attention on authentic process. Trust that this is the answer to successful output.

“In socially useful labour, people have to forget what it is good for”

Encourage healthy discussion where possible.

Discussion within a spectrum of ideas is the healthiest way to form personal opinion and theory. We learn by reflecting off our differences.

Understand the benefits and applications of personal practice.

How does this compliment a commercial practice?

Understand the value of analogue, material & object vs. technology.

Learn how to find true enjoyment in a creative discipline.

Test parameters and explore boundary lines across creative disciplines.

Explore the idea of professionalism in contrast to amateurism.

“To do something for the love of it”

Harvest abstract thought.

“There are no ideals in the abstract but that the ideal always lies in the next step”

Deeper understand how to produce creative work that is true to the individual.

Develop abilities to apply practicality to idea and theory.

“Theory is already practice and practice presupposes theory”

Teach and learn simultaneously.

Every human interaction is a chance for this exchange to happen.

Connect an audience with the process.

Documentation is the key to engagement. If the process is authentic, it communicates itself – present with honesty.

Create a sense of permanence to the connections and relationships built in IOR.