IN ONE ROOM is a series of exhibiting projects that aim to showcase design exploration amongst a growing network of contemporary image makers that currently includes Jake Hollings, Alice Hartley and Tom Abbiss Smith amongst others.

The projects seek to slow down design processes and re-evaluate the importance of play, exploration and expanded thought, as well as elevating design practices into an arena of expression and critical value.

Our latest project ‘Personal Contact’ invites 3 multi-disciplined image makers to show new work that stems from a closely critical and conversational 3-month process between the artists.

Curator Nick Booton ( bruï ) has selected two of his close contacts based on aligned approach to image making yet distinguished career paths and creative output.

The process encouraged a collaboration of perspective’s with artist’s communicating regularly throughout their personal WIP to better understand their design choices, key realisations and the true value of their actualisations.


Thomas White 
Andrew Berry


27th Feb 6-9pm
Open until 8th April
All The Shapes, Manchester